Desserts and Catering


Our tarts are baked until golden brown and crispy with a variation of house made fillings. They are best eaten the same day they are baked therefore we advise pickups the same day they are going to be consumed.

Whole tart (serves 8-10 people) – $80

Mini catering tarts (minimum order 24) – $4 each 


Tart Flavours

Citrus + meringue 

Almond Franjipane + seasonal fruits

Salted caramel + chocolate ganache

Cream Diplomat, fruit compote, fresh fruit

Baked cheesecake 

Vanilla creme bruele 


All cupcakes are iced in a Swiss meringue buttercream of your flavour choice or chocolate ganache. They can be filled with sauces/compotes and decorated with fruits and florals for an additional flare. 

For cake flavours, visit :


Cupcake Pricing

Regular sized cupcakes 

$5.5 each / $6 each with filling/ $6.5 each with filling and decoration

Mini cupcakes 

 $3.5 each / $4 each with filling/ $4.5 each with filling and decoration

Choux Pastries

Our house made choux pastries are baked fresh then filled with a cream diplomat and dipped in a caramel to give the perfect crunch. 

Diplomat cream flavours: Vanilla bean, chocolate, salted caramel . 

Minimum order 24 

Cake circles

Our cake circles are a cute way to dress up your dessert table or pass on as a gift to someone special. We can add seasonal fruits + florals on top for extra glamour. Minimum order  – 6 


$6 each basic buttercream piping

$6.5 with decoration + filling

Brownie Squares

Our decadent brownies are made with couverture chocolate and decorated with your choice of milk/ white/ dark chocolate ganache.

$4 each 
Minimum order 24